What is unique about Carolina Kinder Development…
We don’t just treat “the neck” or “the head” or “the development,” and never have!

We began as a small practice in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2006 devoted to baby head shape and neck issues (torticollis, plagiocephaly, and brachycephaly). We are highly experienced with cranial band treatment and also seek to understand the underlying reasons of head shape, not all infants need a cranial band. In addition to occupational/ physical therapy, baby classes and cranial bands, we offer a helpful infant development video series. This multi-part series is specifically designed to help parents and caregivers navigate the challenges of head shape and neck issues and educate about the variety of other topics such as tummy time, side lying & baby equipment (swings, carseats, etc).

Our team includes highly specialized physical and occupational therapists:

  • Susan Slaughter, MS, OTR/L – Susan is the founder and owner of Carolina Kinder Development. The juxtaposition of her analytical skills with compassion and creativity from dual degrees in civil engineering and occupational therapy has allowed Susan to develop her practice into the national model it is today. Please click here to read more about Susan Slaughter.
  • Stacy Conder, LPT – Stacy is a highly skilled physical therapist that has 12 years of experience in pediatrics and adults.  She brings a deep understanding of the issues and has a professional and personal devotion to this work.  Please click here to read more about Stacy Conder.
  • Elizabeth Hammond, PT – Elizabeth has over 15 years experience in physical therapy. She is an undergraduate of UNC- Chapel Hill and received her masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Pittsburgh, Please click here to read more about Elizabeth Hammond.

The In House Team

The administrative staff includes Dianne, Mike, Michelle, and Tennille. They seamlessly help with scheduling appointments; greeting you and your infant; and doing the behind the scenes work including services needed for insurance.

Please click here to read more about our close partnership with Cranial Solutions Orthotic for cranial bands and orthotics.